Wintec Pro Stock Stirrup Straps
Wintec Pro Stock Stirrup Straps

Wintec Pro Stock Stirrup Straps

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Recommended to be used with the Wintec Pro Stock saddle, the traditional 1 ¼ inch design with a sleeve enables you to buckle down near the stirrup iron for reduced bulk under your thigh.

Start with the sleeve
  1. Unfold the stirrup straps and keep the sleeve separate. 
  2. With both logos facing you, thread the pointed end of the stirrup straps through the sleeve, then push the sleeve all the way up to just underneath the buckle.
Now it's time to add your stirrup iron
  1. Thread the pointed end through the eye (the small hole at the top) of your stirrup iron with the logo facing downward.
  2. Keep pulling it through, all the way up through the sleeve and behind the buckle. 
  3. Once you have buckled your stirrup straps at your preferred length, pull the pointed end through the buckle and back down through the sleeve. Both logos should now be visible once more.
Getting the buckle down into position
  1. Hold the stirrup straps loosley, behind the buckle, as though your hand is a temporary stirrup bar. 
  2. Pull the buckle down toward your stirrup iron. The sleeve should now be snug against the iron with the buckle sitting just above the sleeve.
  3. You can either put the excess through the eye of your stirrup iron one more time, or you can fold it under the top of the stirrup iron, then tuck the remaining length back up through the sleeve to secure.
Now you're ready to attach the stirrup straps to your saddle and enjoy your ride!